The participants, organized in teams of 3 people each, will have 7 hours of time to build with the provided materials a cardboard boat, and then to navigate almost 750 meters of route in Idro’s Lake waters! Who win? The first who arrives!


The boats will have to be realized only with scotch tape and cardboard. All the material for the construction will be provided from the Paper Cup Eridio Lake team. At the beginning of the competition each team will be provided with a basic construction kit (some tape, cutters, cardboard..) and a certain amount of virtual credits. Using the credits, during the construction it will be possible “buy” additional material, from the stockage, until stocks last (or your credits!). This section will be explained better at the beginning of the race.

Moreover, at each team will be provided with a white flag, which must be waved during the race to report the intention of the team to retire or to report any problems (the action will be considered as a calling for security intervention).

Any decorative paintings are admitted but only on the non-structural parts. These additions must also be made out of cardboard, paper or similar. Anyway, in any case is forbidden the usage of dangerous and pollutants materials. It’s not allowed paint the hull.


In order to build boats it’s recommended to come with your own cutters and saws: a basic toolkit will be really helpful. A basic kit containing all the minimum tools required for the construction can be anyway borrowed.

Attention: if the loaned equipment will be returned damaged, painted, modified or if it will not be returned, the cost of the damage according to the current price will be charged to the responsible team.

It’s suggested to bring with you others tools that could be very helpful like easels, scissor, rulers, pencils, pens, etc… We want to underline that the purpose of the race is also to help each other’s. It will be possible to ask other teams to borrow their tools if needed.

In any case there is this important rule: Only manual tools are admitted, nothing electronic.

Attention: It’s also obligatory for your security get life jackets that must be worn during all the rush on the lake. Please if you have difficulties in this, inform the staff at the beginning of the day.


The race will start at 9.00 in the morning, time from which the teams can start to build their own boat. Acceptance of the participants will take place since 8.30 am, the latecomers will be disadvantaged having less time available for the construction of the boat. The last term for construction is at 4.00 pm for a total of almost 7 hours of free construction, in which it will be included the lunch.

At the end of the construction there will be the boats parade that allow to bring the boats at the start, where the competition in the lake will start at around 5.00 pm. During the race the boats will navigate close to the beach, allowing to the audience to follow the race live. After the arrival, the awards will be performed in the building area.


About the race, the boats will be divided in starting blocks. The starting position will be decided for meritocracy, through a method that will be communicated only the day of the event. During the race and the construction it’s forbidden to damage other boats: penalty is disqualification.

During the race boats will be allowed to navigate only if all the team members are present on board of the boat. If the referee decides that a boat is not able to proceed, or that the team is not following the rules of the race, the team can be disqualified even without asking for intervention.


Since 8.30 am the team can show up at the sports field of Anfo (Via Suor Irene Stefani, 7) where, at each team, will be assigned the space and the basic material for the construction. The team must consist of 3 people.

The registration fee consists of a donation to the Pro Loco di Anfo equal to:
- 45.00€ per team (€ 15.00 per partecipant) without lunch.
- 60.00€ per team (€ 20.00 per partecipant) with lunch hot sandwich with typical sausage and/or melted cheese + beverage.
- 90.00€ per team (€ 30.00 per partecipant) with lunch Spiedo alla Bresciana with polenta (typical meal from the district) + beverage

Attention: it is necessary to have a valid identity document, which must be left as a deposit if the paper cup committee requires it.

Subscribers are required to know how to swim. A release form will be signed when they register at the day of the race. The act of registration for the race constitutes in itself a declaration of physical fitness for the performance of sporting activity. The participants consent and authorize the processing of personal data pursuant to article 10 of law 675/96, also allowing the publication of photos and videos eventually made during the activity. At the end of the construction the utilized space must be cleaned and the superfluous material must be collected in the special boxes, everything must be done before the parade.


The registration must be done by filling up the form available in the registration section in the website.

The form must be compiled, printed, signed and after uploaded in this same website. This form includes the name and the personal data of each member of the team and the team’s name. Since the upload of the registration form, the team has 48 hours available for making the payment and uploading the receipt on the website.

Attention: the registration will be validated only when the payment receipt is loaded. If this is not loaded within 48 hours the team will lose priority and will have to fill in the form again.

The payment must be made by bank transfer to the account of the ProLoco di Anfo:
IBAN: IT30 B080 7848 8800 0001 3600 770
Reason: Paper Cup * TEAM NAME *

We recommend booking the registration before making the payment, in order to verify that there are still free places. Given the limited number of teams, the first requests will be taken into consideration. The participants assume all responsibility accepting the conditions of participation and the regulation with the signature in the registration form. Therefore, the Organizing Committee declines any and all civil and penal liability for damages to persons or things that could occur before, during and after the event. In case that one team decides to participate few moments before the beginning of the race, if there are places left, you can ask for help at the welcome desk.


The boats must be built in order to not lose the materials in the water, in order to avoid to pollute uselessly the lake. It’s forbidden to affix or display on the boats any photo or text considered offensive (if in doubt, better consult us in advance), under penalty of exclusion from the competition. It is mandatory remember that, for your own safety, both the hull and the decorations and anything else must not constitute an impediment to the escape of the crew in case of overturning or whatsoever emergency.


The participants must pay attention in respect of the lake and the environment: It’s required help the stuff at the arrival, to recover the boat and not to leave the boat eventually destroyed along the banks of the lake. Instead it’s necessary to bring it at the shore where it will be recovered from our stuff. Participants are therefore obliged to maintain a respectful behavior of the environment, avoiding lighting fires on the ground, avoiding the dispersion of waste and the collection of flowers or plants. Anyone will be surprised to leave trash along the race route and in the construction area will be disqualified with immediate effect and will incur into penalties according the municipal regulations.


Even in case bad weather, if considered feasible from the staff, the event will take place. If the weather instead makes impossible the construction of the boats, the race will be suspended. All the activities unbound from the competition (lunch, dinner and eventual connected event) will be conducted regularly. If the event will be cancelled for causes not attributable to the organization (i.e. bad weather) the registration fee won’t be returned.